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Host Site Application

Cooking Matters Host Site Application

It is required that all requesting agencies or organizations complete an application. After reviewing your completed application, we will contact you to discuss the possibility of hosting a Cooking Matters class series for your agency. Please be aware that submitting this form is the initial step in our application process, and due to a high demand does not guarantee programming can be scheduled at your site. If you have questions, contact Rebecca Majestic, Cooking Matters Manager at or (313) 308‐0584.

Today's Date *
Today's Date
Which Cooking Matters opportunity are you applying for? *
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Physical Address
Cooking Matters programming available through Gleaners Community Food Bank in Wayne, Oakland, Macomb, Livingston, and Monroe counties only
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Phone Number
3. Are there currently other nutrition education programs being offered at your site? *
4. Is your agency/organization currently a member agency of Gleaners Community Food Bank? *
5. Does your organization serve low‐income individuals? *
6. Do your clients receive WIC, SNAP (formerly Food Stamps), or other nutrition assistance? *
8. How would you rate participant levels among eligible clients for community service programs offered by your organization? *
10. Have you observed a Cooking Matters class? *
12. If applying to host a Cooking Matters six week class series, which curriculum are you interested in providing? *
Select all that apply
13. If applying to for a Cooking Matters at the Store (CMATS), which opportunity are you interested in providing? *
14. Does your site offer translation services for non‐English speaking classes? *
15. Which days of the week can you host a class? *
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Classes start between 9:00am - 6:00pm and meet for 2 hours per week for 6 weeks
18. Do you plan to host Cooking Matters programming at your facility? *
19. Does your organization own or have access to a working kitchen for Cooking Matters classes? *
20. Is there a sink with running water that a Cooking Matters coordinator will have access to? *
21. Is there a space large enough to accommodate 12 – 18 participants? *
22. Is your facility easily accessible for participants who rely on public transportation? *
23. Will a member of your staff be able to attend the entire Cooking Matters program? *
Required for Cooking Matters for Kids and Cooking Matters for Teens classes