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Coordinator Guide

cooking matters coordinator Guide

Welcome to the Cooking Matters Michigan Coordinator family! This guide is designed to walk you through the steps of planning, implementing, and reporting for a Cooking Matters class. Please refer to our Cooking Matters Satellite Forms and Resources page to download the paperwork you need for your course.
All questions should be referred to

Please refer to the Satellite Coordinator FAQ document.


3-4 Weeks Before First Class Session

1. Coordinate class dates/time with Host Site; complete Host Site Application

2. Recruit participants for your class series. Cooking Matters courses must have at least 10 participants per course. We recommend that you recruit 12-18 participants per course.

3. Submit a completed Class Confirmation and Order Form with the logistical information for your proposed course 3-4 weeks in advance of class start date to Confirmation and Order forms submitted less than 3 weeks from course start date run the risk of not having materials delivered in time for the first class session.

4. If hosting a Cooking Matters for Kids or Teens class, deliver Participant Waivers  to the site coordinator for distribution to parents.

5. Recruit volunteers and train if needed. All new volunteers and course coordinators must participate in Cooking Matters training before teaching their first class. Training materials are available on the Training Materials page of this website.

        -First time volunteers must complete an Application and a Volunteer Waiver

        -Only volunteers who have completed training AND signed up for a class receive a class instructor guide. 

        -Send new volunteer applications to

2-3 Weeks Before First Class Session

1. Arrange a visit with the host site at least two weeks in advance of first class. Complete Site Visit Form and Site Agreement Form

2. If if class location, dates, times, or coordinator has changed from your original plan, update and re-submit a completed Class Confirmation and Order Form to and include the course code. Be sure all fields are filled out: class site & address, dates, times, volunteers (with contact info), material needs.

3. Contact volunteers and/or co-workers to confirm the dates and times of the class, and their availability and commitment. Give them an update on parking, participant numbers, etc., and make sure they have a copy of instructor guide for the correct CM curricula. 

1 Week Before First Class Session

1. Contact site coordinator to determine approximate number of participants and to answer any questions they may have. 

2. Prepare the first lesson plan or outline. E-mail the lesson plan or outline to your volunteer instructors and answer any questions they may have.

3. Contact your participants to remind them of course dates, times, and location.

Before The First Class Session

1. Pack cooking equipment and class materials based on the instruction plan. Use our Cooking Matters Course Equipment List.

2. Make shopping list and shop for the class' recipe. Don't forget to purchase the ingredients for demonstration food apart from the weekly recipe.

3. Bring participant waivers, enrollment forms, surveys, e-survey instruments, and pens. Bring the E-Survey Implementation Guidelines and a completed Class Information Card. If your organization was provided with tablets, make sure they are fully charged. 

                                                                                       The First and Second Class Sessions

1. ALL course participants must complete the "pre-test" portion of the Cooking Matters Participant Survey by the end of the second class session. Pass out the completed Class Information Card for participants to use. Review the E-Survey Implementation Guidelines for more information.

2. Distribute participant books.

3. Begin filling out Course Attendance Tracking Sheet. Ensure you have a completed pre-course survey and liability wavier for each participant. Enrollment is OPEN during the first two class sessions. After the second class session, no new participants may enroll.

4. E-mail a copy of the Course Attendance Tracking sheet to after the first and second class sessions.

Before Each Class Session

1. Prepare a lesson plan or outline for the next class based on the Cooking Matters curriculum, and e-mail to volunteer instructors and/or coworkers.

2. Create a packing list and shopping list for the upcoming lesson plan.

3. It is recommended to go grocery shopping 1-2 days before class (except for Lesson 5  for Adults and Parents classes which is a grocery store tour)

Before and During The Last Class Session

1. Bring paper Participant Surveys in case a participant cannot use their phone or a computer to complete the e-survey. If your location received tablets, make sure they are fully charged. Bring Class Information Card

4. Directly after the last class session, upload post-course e-surveys. If any paper surveys were completed, enter in the data as an e-survey.

Within One Week of the Last Class Session

1. Complete the End of Course Reporting Form. You must do this for Teens and Kids courses even though no data collection will take place.

2. E-mail your End of Course Reporting Information to Gleaners by e-mailing these forms to

                - End of Course Reporting Form
                - Course Attendance Tracking Sheet

  Thank you for your hard work in bringing Cooking Matters to your community!