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And the winners of the Blogger Extreme Food Makeover are ...

dorothy hernandez

We are excited to announce the winners of our first Blogger Extreme Food Makeover! I just wanted to say how excited and happy I am with the entries; they were absolutely beautiful and undoubtedly delicious ... and if any of you ever want me to taste test the food, you know how to reach me! First of all, it was a pretty exciting contest online. Stephanie jumped out to an early lead but thanks to a huge outpouring of support during the last half of the voting period, Colleen ran away with the title of Fan Favorite for her healthy makeover of fried chicken.

Here's a sampling of what some of our voters said:

Colleen gets my vote. She prepared a well-rounded menu where everything was healthy, delicious and inexpensive.

The coleslaw was vibrantly crisp and fresh and the chili corn muffins had an unexpectedly delicious zip to them.

Check out all of the comments here.

Our other winner was selected by Jake Williams and Vani Sohikian, Cooking Matters Michigan coordinators with Jake weighing in as our chief culinary expert and Vani offering her insight from a nutritional standpoint. They both agreed that Dave Moss reigned supreme with his Indian-inspired turkey burger, sweet potato fries and dessert.

Jake picked Dave because "not only did he use all 3 secret ingredients but he embodied what an Extreme Food Makeover is ... he used a theme of flavors to inspire his dish."

Jake added that by taking a cue from an ethnic cuisine, Dave was able to make a dish that tasted great without relying on a lot of fat, sugar and salt.

"Overall it's a good flavor profile and it made me want to make that burger," Jake said.

From a nutritional standpoint, Vani gave kudos to Dave for using the MyPlate as a guide.

"He did a great job of incorporating all 5 food groups in good proportions, and used ALL of the secret ingredients in a very creative way," she said.

"I also found the recipe for the turkey burger extremely intriguing. Adding corn and onion was a great touch and a sneaky way to add some veggies to the dish! Also, the Greek yogurt/ mayo condiment with some curry powder not only sounds excellent and exotic, but is a much healthier version of the usual mayo/ mustard/ ketchup topping that most people use.

"Lastly, the dessert definitely made my mouth water and I definitely will be trying this at home. It is surprising how delicious Greek yogurt can be as a dessert, especially when you are eating it with sweet and delicious roasted plums."

Congrats to everyone and thank you for a great competition!