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Volunteer perspective: 'I too have been inspired'


My name is Kelly Lashbrook and I am a new volunteer recruit for OFL. I came to know of the organization through MSU Extension, another service organization. I was looking for a possible new career path and have always had an interest in nutrition, which became more center stage when my son was born. I blindly called up the organization in Detroit wanting to ask career questions and I got to speak with Sarah Stephison. We had a great conversation; she was so inspiring and I could tell she loved what she did and believed in it. She explained the nutrition classes: How there was the partnership between the Chef and Nutrition instructor; how they targeted low-income families and how they got to eat and go home with groceries to make the food for their families. I couldn't believe how much sense that made.

Sarah said they were always looking for volunteers so I went to volunteer training and was so impressed. It was such a positive group -- all loving food, fun, and healthy eating and all wanting to help make a difference. I started training with Rachelle Bonelli as a volunteer coordinator for a couple classes in my area.

It has been a wonderful summer of classes. Watching participants get excited to tell us what they cooked from last week's classes. Telling us who in their lives ate the recipes and liked them or how they would adapt the recipes to match their own tastes. Watching participants eat a food they have never ever tried or heard of is very rewarding. I feel very lucky to be a part of this organization and surrounded by such positive hardworking people all striving to get the participants to make positive changes.

I too have been inspired. I wanted to help women and children learn to make healthier choices for their families and OFL definitely has allowed me to accomplish that goal and more. I am lucky that they believed in me and I definitely believe in this organization. Glad to help whenever and however I can.