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It's Time to Take the $10 Challenge!

Rebecca Blauw

Here's how it works,  folks:

10 Dollar Challenge

Step 1:  Find $10.

Step 2:  Go to the store.

Step 3:  Buy at least one HEALTHY item from each food group.  When the items are combined, they should make at least one complete meal for four people.

  • Grains
    • Go for whole grains
    • Pro Tip:  Check ingredient list to make sure a whole grain is listed first
  • Fruit
    • Fresh fruit on sale or in season
    • Fruit canned in juice or light syrup
    • Frozen fruit with no added sugar
  • Vegetable
    • Fresh veggies on sale or in season
    • Canned veggies that are low sodium or have no salt added
    • Frozen veggies with no added fat or sodium
  • Dairy
    • Low-fat or non-fat
    • Pro Tip: Watch that sugar content!
  • Protein
    • Think lean!
    • Pro Tip: Remember that vegetable protein sources can be both tasty and inexpensive

 Step 4: Check out

Step 5: Email photos of your receipt and grocery haul to Rebecca at by 11:59pm on Sunday, April 14, 2013.

Step 6:  Enjoy your delicious bounty.  If you want to let us know how you used your groceries, that's cool too.

The person who meets all the criteria of the challenge and gets the closest to $10 without going over will be named Supreme Shopper and receive a fabulous prize.  If there is a tie, other criteria will be considered.  The winner will be announced via the blog and facebook.

Happy shopping!

Shopping 2