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Happy Thanksgiving

dorothy hernandez

Next to Halloween, Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday for obvious reasons: cooking a lot and then eating it all!

Yesterday at my Cooking Matters for Teens class, chef and registered dietitian Julie Fromm brought a delicious recipe for Pumpkin Parfaits. One of the girls in the class had requested last week a Thanksgiving recipe, specifically pumpkin pie. At our site there is no oven but Julie came up with this recipe, which I think is much tastier than the typical pie. If you're still looking for a dessert idea for tomorrow's big feasting day, try this simple recipe, which cuts out white sugar and uses maple syrup and reduced apple cider for sweetening. We put the parfaits in the freezer to set up and it took about an hour, hour and a half.

Pumpkin Parfaits By Julie Fromm, RD

1 envelope plain gelatin 1 cup apple cider ¼ cup maple syrup One 15oz can pumpkin One 12oz can evaporated skim milk 1 teaspoon vanilla ½ teaspoon salt 1 teaspoon ground cinnamon ½ teaspoon ground ginger 1/8 teaspoon ground nutmeg (1 ¾ teaspoon pumpkin pie spice may be substituted for the above 3)

Plain or vanilla non-fat or low-fat yogurt Crumbled cookies, like gingersnaps

In a small bowl, combine gelatin and a small amount (2T) of the apple cider. Heat remaining apple cider in a sauce pan and boil until reduced to 1/3 volume. Add softened gelatin to sauce pan and heat until gelatin is dissolved. In a large bowl (or an electric mixer), stir together maple syrup, pumpkin, evaporated milk, vanilla, salt and spices. Stir in warm gelatin mixture. Mixture should chill overnight to set up OR individual servings can be poured into clear cups/glasses and put into freezer to set up quicker.

To serve, layer pumpkin filling alternating with yogurt and top with cookie crumbs.