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Portion Distortion: How Much You Should Really Be Eating


One of the main themes that we talk about in our Operation Frontline classes is appropriate portion sizes. In the past twenty years, portion sizes in restaurants and in grocery stores have bulked up a bit, from muffins to soda to the size of our dinner plates. As a result, we not only eat more, we buy more. Needless to say, we as a nation have a bit of a weight problem, not to mention other health issues such as Type 2 diabetes and heart disease.


To help you visualize this portion distortion, Divine Caroline had a great series of photos. Here are a few:

Photo Credit: Divine Caroline

To burn off the extra 145 calries you gained just by choosing the 20 oz. bottle over the 8 oz. bottle, you would have to walk up and down stairs for about 30 minutes.

To burn off the 360 calorie difference between these two tubs of popcorn, you would have to play basketball for about 45 minutes.

Do we have you convinced?

You can take the Portion Distortion quiz here to test your knowledge on portion sizes and how they have changed in the past twenty years.

To learn more about portion sizes and food labeling that appear on the products you buy, check out this video put out by The New York Times.